Announcement: The team is hard at work to launch a new website to prepare for Season 2. Keep an eye out for updates on our Discord & Twitter!

Welcome to the SassyShark Ocean Club

SassySharks are a collection of 10,000 unique hand drawn NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. Each one contains a specific set of features that makes them impeccably Sassy. Read the Whitepaper .

Our Mission and Roadmap

Our goal is to create a sensible NFT on the sustainable Cardano Ecosystem that has a positive impact on sea life and to raise ocean awareness! The below is a summary, read our Whitepaper for more details about the project.

Create Original Ideas, Designs, and Concepts
Make the initial Character Development and Traits
Develop the Base Website
Do Social and Paid Advertising to promote our brand
Vision and Mission
Release Version 1.0 of our Whitepaper
Do giveaways, contests, and more to reward our early supporters
Initial Launch
Mint 10,000 SassyShark NFT on January 31st at 1:00 UTC
NFT Utilities
Introduce SassyShark holder’s benefits
Decentralized Charity & Social Responsibilities Initiative
Pick initial NGO with community and future NGOs where donations will go to
Collaborate with other CNFT and Cardano projects we love
Airdrops and hangouts on special events for SassyShark holders
Launch exclusive Merch Line with Eco-friendly brands
Redesign our Website, add explore page and traits wiki
Future Drops
Introduce Sassy Breeding/Sharkie Incubator
Further develop the ecosystem for our NFT

Ocean conditions are constantly changing and we sharks are ready to ride any wave thrown at us! In the meantime, let’s keep swimming and see what we discover together along the way!



Marketing Lead and Coordinator

Cardano lover, invested since 2018, love the Ocean and Investing


Community Manager

Involved in managing water sports and online communities, but most importantly passionate about cleaning our oceans.


Lead Advertising Copywriter

Thalassophile and dedicated to preserving the beauty of our Earth’s oceans


Creative Design Director

Fascinated by the ocean life but terrified of sharks. Trying my best to befriend them.


Lead Developer and Tech

Living and breathing in the cryptoverse


Art Director and Designer

Just another fish in this great big sea. Hoping to spread some love for sharks and the ocean by making cute things!

Frequently Asked Questions

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